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What is the Horse Owners Certificate? (HOC)

It is a series of theory and practical lectures.

The BHS have designed a syllabus, covered in levels 1-4.
Registered Instructors are allowed to take these courses.
Each instructor has to make up the notes and content of the course

Level 1 covers tack, feeding, first aid, grooming, what to look for when buying a horse etc.

The levels progress covering topics such as veterinary ailments, shoeing, grassland care, vices, clipping, transporting horses, rugs, fitness and general knowledge.

Level 4 gets onto more in depth theory such as the skeletal system , the muscular system , as well as discussing gadgets and remedial shoeing, vitamins and minerals, teeth and ageing.

Past pupils include,
*adults back into horses after a break,
*parents of horsey mad children,
*students just wanting to increase there knowledge further.

The courses are great fun.

If you would like to find out more regarding courses and costs please call me on
01241 858282 or 07867510026 or email

I run these courses regularly

If you think you already have a group of people wanting to do the course, then lets organise it!! Just contact me as above.